Evelyn’s Life Went Up In Smoke

Evelyn lost everything in an electrical fire and bug infestation. She is now being denied compensation. Donate now so we can help her put her life back together.

Evelyn is a veteran and a great neighbor. At 67 years old, she has lived in the same home in Potrero Public Housing for over 20 years. Since her husband passed, that home has been her sacred space and a safe place for many of the kids in the neighborhood. Then, in May 2017, her life changed in a moment.

While Evelyn was away running errands, an electrical fire flared up – destroying her home and all of her belongings. With few resources remaining, she went to the Red Cross. They gave her a small stipend to buy clothes and access temporary housing. Her new unit, however, was infested with insects. Evelyn was forced to relocate again, but this time, she had to leave her belongings behind due to the infestation.

Evelyn felt completely uprooted. She had lost her community. She had lost everything that reminded her of her late husband. She felt forgotten and alone. Nevertheless, she remained proactive. Evelyn learned that she could a claim to the government for the damage caused by the fire. She worked hard to collect photos, secure witnesses, and complete the necessary paperwork. A month later, she received a reply from the government: her claim was denied.

That’s when Evelyn decided she needed an advocate. A former neighbor told her about Open Door Legal. Upon hearing her story and reviewing her evidence, our attorneys agreed to help Evelyn.

Our housing law team is now hard at work preparing for her hearing in October. You can help Evelyn take the first step toward rebuilding her life and her community by sponsoring her case. As a sponsor, we will update you on the progress of Evelyn’s case and let you know its outcome. Will you help us fight for Evelyn by sponsoring her today?

*The names and photos have been changed to protect the client’s identity.


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