Help Dianne* Turn The Page

Diane* married a man in prison over 40 years ago and now wants to move on. She’s never been able to afford a divorce, which has become a huge credit risk and prevented her from remarrying. Help her turn the page.

For many people, a divorce can be a sad and bitter affair. For Dianne, it’s a chance for a new beginning.

Dianne grew up in San Francisco in the 1960s. She looks back on her early days with a smile. In high school, she was best friends with Kenneth. They were inseparable and did everything together.  When Dianne moved to San Diego after high school, the two lost touch. Kenneth was always on Diane’s mind, however. So when so moved back to San Francisco two years later, her first priority was to find him.

Much to her surprise, Dianne found Kenneth in the last place she expected: prison. Eager to reconnect with him, she began visiting him weekly. He had made mistakes, but he was still the same, kind soul she had known before. Over time, her visits became more frequent and soon she realized she was in love. She asked Kenneth to marry her. He said yes.

Her family and friends were shocked. ‘Don’t do it,’ they warned her. ‘This won’t end well.’ She didn’t listen though. Two months later, Dianne was married at age 21.

The following year was a nightmare. Kenneth began to show his true colors, and Dianne realized there was a reason he was in prison. Still, she wanted to be with him, so she stayed and continued to visit him. Appalled, her family pulled away from her. Friends questioned her integrity. Suddenly, Dianne was trying to support an erratic husband with no support system. She was alone.

Dianne fell into a deep depression, lost her job, and began struggling to make ends meet. Unable to afford the journey to see Kenneth, Dianne’s visits became less frequent. They decided to file for a divorce. They looked for an attorney to help them through the paperwork, but couldn’t find one she could afford. That’s when the prison system moved Kenneth hours away and Dianne lost track of his location.

40 years have passed since Dianne last saw Kenneth. Overs the years, she has tried to find him, but lacks the resources to do so. Today, Dianne floats from shelter to shelter. Her identity has been shaped by the mistake she made at 21. She longs for closure, but can’t find the money to pay for it.

Then, in February 2017, everything changed. She heard from a friend about the free family law attorneys at Open Door Legal. She knew this was the chance she’d been waiting for. With the help of Family Law Attorney, Kimberly Pye, Dianne is now well on her way. Our attorneys are have located Kenneth and are working to let these two old friends finally part ways. As Dianne looks forward, she feels a hope she hasn’t known in 40 years. She sees the chance to take hold of a new identity.

Help us open a new door for Dianne by sponsoring her legal fees. Your support can show her that it’s never too late for a fresh start.

*Name and photo changed to protect the client’s identity.


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