Janessa’s* dream car turned into a nightmare.

Janessa* bought a used car from a local dealership. One day, it was gone. It had been illegally repossessed. Now, Janessa just needs help to get her money back

The deal was too good to be true. Janessa knew that. No one sold cars in great condition for just $4,000. The car’s high mileage spoke volumes to that. Even so, Janessa couldn’t help herself. She decided to just visit the dealership to see for herself.

At the dealership, everything looked in order. The car was in good enough condition and the dealer promised the price point suggested online. It was a steal! Elated, Janessa put down $3,250 in cash, reviewed the paperwork, signed on the dotted line, and drove the car home that night.

For a month everything seemed fine. The car ran well and she was quickly paying off the remaining balance. Then, one morning, Janessa walked out of her house and her car was gone. 

She grabbed her phone and called the police. Minutes later, the police informed her that her car had been repossessed by the dealership. She would need to call them for further information.

When Janessa finally reached the dealership, a secretary curtly suggested she reread her contract. Unknowingly, Janessa had agreed to pay a total of $10,300, not $4,000, over the subsequent month. Since she had failed to do so, the car now belonged to the dealership. In shock, she asked the dealership if she could at least recollect her down payment. They refused.

Later that day, Janessa checked the contract again. Where were they getting this information? She saw the numbers, but they didn’t seem to line up with the wording. Janessa knew that she wouldn’t be able to decipher the contract, but she also knew that she didn’t have any time to lose.

That’s when she came to our office. Open Door Legal’s consumer law attorneys agreed to take her case free-of-charge and began reviewing the contract with her. After much deliberation, they concluded that the contract was purposefully deceptive. Janessa had been scammed.

Our attorneys are currently working to help Janessa reclaim her down payment for the car. Will join us as we fight to restore to Janessa what is rightfully hers?


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