Lena is ready to leave everything behind to keep her family safe.

Help Lena get transferred into safe housing before her abusive ex-husband returns


Raising her children has been the joy of Lena’s life. But today, she’s worried that their lives will soon be in jeopardy. In a matter of months, Lena’s ex-husband will be released from prison. She is terrified about what will happen if he finds them.

Lena’s ex-husband is a San Francisco native with the friends – and enemies – to prove it. Before going to prison, her life was a whirlwind of physical violence at home and gang-related interactions outside of it. In 2014, Lena filed a restraining order against her ex-husband, followed by a request for full custody of their kids. Not only did Child Protective Services grant her full custody, but they also negated all of his visitation rights. Nevertheless, her ex-husband violated the restraining order on a regular basis for over the following year. Then, all of a sudden, the visits stopped. Lena discovered that her ex had been sent to prison on drug-related charges, leaving the family in relative peace for two years.

As his sentence draws to a close, Lena is worried that her ex-husband and those connected with him may re-enter her family’s lives. She has decided that their safest option is to leave the Bay Area entirely. This fall, Lena secured a transfer from her employer to another county. Now, she’s just waiting on a housing transfer to finally make the move.

As a resident in one of San Francisco’s 5 public housing developments, Lena was required to submit an emergency transfer request to the San Francisco Housing Authority (SFHA) in order to move. She did so a few months ago but only recently heard back. In response, SFHA informed her that they rarely grant transfers to other developments, much less other counties. Lena’s move would be unprecedented.

That’s where Open Door Legal comes in. Our housing attorneys are now working on behalf of Lena to push her case forward. Since all tenants have a right to feel safe in their own home, our attorneys believe that it is worth supporting Lena in this effort. Will you sponsor her legal fees so that Lena can focus on what matters: keeping their lives safe from a dangerous man?


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