Lindsey’s* Fighting Back

Lindsey was fired from her job and robbed of her final paycheck after she reported physical and sexual abuse to her boss. Open Door Legal is helping her fight back. Join us.

Lindsey loved working at the Big Bear Bar, and she was good at it. She knew how to keep her customers happy while setting the right boundaries for her own safety. Lindsey also took it upon herself to watch out for her female coworkers during late night shifts. They had a great system. That is, until Sonny came on board.

Sonny started working at Big Bear over the summer of 2017. Right from the start, Sonny was threatening. He would corner Lindsey and her customers with unwanted advances or say lewd comments that scared them.

Each time Lindsey reported an incident to her boss, she got the same reply: “I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ll talk to Sonny. It will never happen again.” But it did happen again, with increasing regularity and violence. Lindsey begged her boss to not place her on the same shift with Sonny. Nevertheless, he continued to schedule their shifts at the same time.

One day, Lindsey walked into work to see Sonny throw her coworker against the wall and punch her repeatedly in the face. Lindsey screamed at Sonny, telling him to stop. When Sonny finally released her friend, he turned to Lindsey and said, “Better watch your back.”

With shaking hands, Lindsey called her boss and gave him a choice: keep her or Sonny. The boss told her she was fired and should pack her things immediately.

Weeks passed. Lindsey called her former boss to ask for her last paychecks, but he never returned her calls. That’s when Lindsey saw his true colors. She realized that if she didn’t do something, her former boss could treat every female employee with the same disrespect. For the sake of their safety, she decided to take action by calling Open Door Legal.

Open Door Legal has now partnered with Lindsey to show her boss that harassment and robbery are not tolerable in the workplace. Our employment law attorneys are suing for her last paycheck and for the trauma that she and her co-workers endured. Help Lindsey protect future employees by telling her former boss that enough is enough. Sponsor her legal fees today.


*Some of the names and locations have been changed in order to protect the client.


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