When Rats Infested Marisol’s Home, Her Landlord Ignored Her Requests For Help.

Marisol and Eduardo’s family lost everything they owned and their home to a rat infestation. Repairs will cost them up to $20,000. Help us fight for compensation for them.

Marisol Vargas remembers it like it was yesterday. She had just walked into her unit at Alice Griffith Public Housing. Eduardo was at work and her 5 kids were still at school. She dropped the keys on the table and turned towards the kitchen counter. There, staring at her, was a giant, black rat.


It seemed like once there was one, they were everywhere. Marisol’s kids found rats in their bed. Eduardo’s ties were stained with urine. Even the couch had been eaten out and turned into a rat nest. She felt like they had taken ownership of her home and she was the unwanted guest.


Marisol and Eduardo repeatedly called the property managers at the SFHA. No one called back. After a few months, someone came by, laid a few traps, and put cardboard in front of the holes. The minor solutions did little to help and the infestation grew.


Marisol and Eduardo were terrified that the rats would hurt their children. They stopped eating in their home for fear of fecal contamination. They consolidated the rooms so that no one would sleep alone. In the end, they spent over $20,000 to survive the infestation.


Four months later, SFHA moved Marisol and Eduardo to a new unit. They were relieved, but overwhelmed by the cost of all that they had lost. Rather than fighting for compensation on their own, Marisol and Eduardo came straight to Open Door Legal for help.


Open Door Legal’s consumer law team is working alongside our housing law team to help  Marisol and and Eduardo secure the compensation and rent abatement that they rightfully deserve.


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