Help Martina* Stay in the United States

Martina migrated to the United States to escape death threats by gangs. When she arrived in San Francisco, her employer abused her. We need your help to fight for Martina and protect her from deportation.


Martina had a wonderful life in Guatemala; that all changed when they gangs took over her town. She felt unsafe wherever she went– she could no longer walk alone at night or ride the bus.

Things reached a tipping point when a gang member threatened to kill her sibling. Martina knew there was only one way to keep her family safe. She decided to come to the United States.

Martina escaped to San Francisco, where she got a job at a restaurant. She was hopeful– wasn’t this how good things began in the United States? Unfortunately, things went awry once again.

Martina’s boss was abusive. He frequently assaulted her and her coworkers, both verbally and sexually. Martina didn’t want to call the police– what if they deported her? She couldn’t risk being separated from her kids. The abuse was horrible, but losing her family would destroy her.  

This abuse continued for years. Then, Martina heard about the Violence Against Women Act on the radio. “This might be my ticket to safety,” she thought. Martina wanted to learn more. That’s when she found Open Door Legal.

Our team dug into her case and realized that she may qualify for a special type of visa for people that have faced employer abuse. This would allow her to stay in the United States legally, and ensure that she would not be separated from her American-born children. The process would be difficult, but the safety and security would be well worth it for Martina. The U.S. is her home, after all.

We’re in the first stage of Martina’s application process. But in order to keep providing Martina free counsel, we need your help. Martina’s legal fees are only $2,000. With your support, we can keep her family together and safe.


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