Melody is refusing to let her husband’s new family bully her or her children.

13 years had passed. 13 years, 2 children, and one giant mortgage in Visitacion Valley. Melody and Jeff shared all of it. It wasn’t always easy. Sometimes Jeff got angry and violent, but Melody was committed.

Then Jeff started an open affair. Her name was Aileen. Melody knew, because sometimes Aileen would send her text messages that read, “I will kill you. You don’t know you are messing with. You need to be careful.” Melody was careful. She allowed Jeff to go his own way, brought her kids over to visit, and generally stayed out of their way.

One afternoon when she brought the kids over to visit, Melody found Jeff drunk and angry. Scared for her kids’ safety, she confronted him. In retaliation, he tackled her, grabbed her neck, and pushed her to ground, tearing her jeans and scraping her elbows in the process. He then ran out of the room, allowing her to call the police. When the police arrived, they seized his guns and put him in jail. Much to Melody’s dismay, Jeff was released the next day. She immediately filed for a restraining order and was granted a temporary order. Unfortunately, the Sheriff refused to serve the order, so it never became effective.

Less than a month later, Melody was diagnosed with cancer and had a complete hysterectomy. Much to her surprise, Jeff started a GoFundMe page to help pay her medical bills and raised about $14,000 in the process. When the campaign ended, however, he only gave her $2,000 from it. He said he needed the money to pay the IRS. That was the final straw. Melody decided to begin filing for a divorce. When Jeff heard this, he threatened to seize their home unless she granted him joint custody of their children.

Melody is now working with our attorneys to make sure none of Jeff’s threats come true. Will you help  us make sure that Melody can keep her home, maintain sole custody of her children, and fully separate from the man who abandoned her long ago?


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