Ms. Thomas Needs A Guide.

Shield Ms. Thomas from an unfair lawsuit that could leave her homeless and financially ruined.

Ms. Elaine Thomas loved her salon. She worked hard to purchase it after graduating from college and kept it afloat over the decades that followed. Without a family to support, her life revolved around building her business and mentoring her employees.

Then, one evening, Ms. Thomas fell. Now 74 years old, she knew that her broken hip would seriously jeopardize her ability to operate the salon efficiently. She decided to close the salon and sell the property to another business.

In a matter of months, Ms. Thomas sold the salon. As part of the sale, she worked with her mortgage broker to pay off the mortgage on the property. Little did Ms. Thomas know, the mortgage broker made a mistake. Through a simple clerical error, the broker paid off the mortgage on Ms. Thomas’ personal house rather than the beauty salon.

Over the next two years, Ms. Thomas continued to make payments on the mortgage on her home while the mortgage on the beauty salon went unpaid. Her bank never informed Ms. Thomas or the new property owners regarding the status of the mortgage. Then, out of the blue, the bank served the new owners with a notice of foreclosure.

Shocked and angry, the new owners sued both Ms. Thomas for not paying the mortgage and the bank for negligence. The bank, in response, sued Ms. Thomas and the mortgage broker. Caught between two lawsuits that she didn’t understand, Ms. Thomas quickly realized that she would end up bankrupt and homeless without legal representation.

That’s when a friend told her about Open Door Legal. Our consumer law team has taken Ms. Thomas’s case, free of charge. They are now working to ensure that Ms. Thomas is not penalized for a mistake that she didn’t make. Help us keep Ms. Thomas housed, healthy, and financially stable by sponsoring her legal fees.


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