Tonya wants to work without fearing that she’ll be sexually assaulted.

Tonya lost her job because she didn’t want to tolerate sexual harassment and racism. Help ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Tonya has worked her whole life as a caregiver for children and for the elderly, and she loves her work. However, in her last job she worked as an at-home caregiver for an elderly man who sexually harassed her and made racist comments to her. The harassment began with comments but escalated to grabbing her and attempting to sexually coerce her.

Tonya was distraught and scared. She didn’t want to get fired. She just wanted this man to stop. She tried to complain to her employer, an at-home care company, but the company did nothing. Finally, the sexual harassment got so bad that Tonya told the company she could no longer work at the man’s house. She asked the company to provide her with a new placement. 

To date, the company has never found her a new placement, and Tonya has not been able to find a new job. With our help, Tonya filed a charge of discrimination with the Equal Employment Opportunity Counsel) EEOC. We are joining the EEOC’s in the investigative process. 

Will you partner with us to help Tonya hold the company accountable for the way she was treated and get back to her dream job?


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