Want Justice? Stand With Me


Do you, like me, find yourself watching the current headlines and wonder:  “what can I do to help bring positive light into a world that feels very broken?” With so much pain, it can feel overwhelming to know how to take action that will have a positive and lasting effect.

In the midst of this, I’m grateful to share with you a cause that Abbie and I support that’s transforming the lives of our most vulnerable in the bay area: Open Door Legal. I’m launching a campaign to support their work because we believe deeply in their ability to bring about a more equitable and just society for all.


As I prepare to become a father, I am becoming more aware of the beautiful, but incredibly messy world our son will enter. As I think about raising a child, I remember one of the most courageous and inspiring mothers I’ve ever met: Veronica*.

In the midst of a life-threatening situation, Veronica was unable to find any legal representation to keep her family safe from domestic violence – until she found Open Door Legal. Through their work everyone Open Door Legal transformed her and her family’s lives.

Tragically, Veronica’s tragic story is not uncommon. Did you know that California has 1 legal aid attorney for every 8,300 people living below the poverty line? This means that Californians who need a legal aid attorney have less than a 5% chance of receiving legal representation. There are thousands of Veronicas right now suffering, without any real chance of getting justice.


With this message, I am launching a 2-week personal campaign to support Open Door Legal’s work to transform lives through access to justice. I hope to raise $5,000, which will allow Open Door to take on about 4 cases like Veronica’s. Abbie and I are excited to personally commit 10% of the funds toward this effort because we believe in their work and trust the founder, Adrian Tirtanadi, who’s become a personal friend. Will you join us?

Two quick ways to get involved with helping transform the lives of those in need of your support:

  1. Donate to my campaign here (100% of donations go directly to Open Door Legal)
  2. Share this message with others in your network (FB, Email, Social, Word-of-Mouth)

I want our future son to be proud of the work we did together to create a more safe and equitable for everyone.

Thank you for joining us, friend.


$5,990.00 donated of $5,000.00 goal
15 Donors