Community Development

Our community development program ensures that
everyone has the chance to become an owner in Bayview
through legal services to entreprenuers


Finding Entrepreneurs

We look for local small businesses and entreprenuers who have past the proof of concept stage, who need financing, but where traditional debt financing is unavailable or insufficient.

Securities Offering

We work with experts in securities law and corporate finance to produce direct-to-public offerings, allowing local businesses to rapidly raise capital and grow their businesses.


Online Processing

Each offering requires hundreds of hours of work. To facilitate processing the transactions, we are partnering with a new online portal (not yet active) to streamline the process for investors.

Investors Can Come in Many Forms

Local Residents

Local residents can buy the investments and own a piece of the business assets in the community. As those businesses increase in value, everyone in the community can benefit.

Social Impact Investors

Social impact investors can invest in local businesses in low and moderate income communities and help drive job growth for those that need it most. We score all our offerings using the IRIS metrics.

This program is currently in soft-launch mode. Check back soon to read our outcomes.