How we’re protecting seniors

Lillie was almost evicted from her retirement home.

Lillie’s caretaker was stealing and pocketing her rent money. She let food rot in Lillie’s fridge, and Lillie would at times go days without eating. When Lillie’s family discovered what was going on, they feared it may be too late. 

Lillie’s cousin came to Open Door Legal. We fought Lillie’s eviction, got all of her money back, and made sure she had a new caretaker. Now, Lillie’s family can rest easy knowing she is safe and happy. 

The problem

Low-income seniors are often taken advantage of by bad actors. Because there is no guarantee of help, many end up losing assets, homes, and security.


Our solution

Provide universal access to legal help for seniors in need.

Low-income seniors face shocking rates of elder abuse

According to researchers at the national institute of health, about 10% of seniors experience elder abuse. But low-income seniors of color? Over 40% experienced elder abuse.¹ 

Along with our elder abuse casework, Open Door Legal is also the only non-profit in the city that provides estate plans to low-income residents. Because many of our elderly clients are asset rich but cash poor, estate plans are a profoundly effective way to build generational wealth.²  


Percentage of low-income seniors of color who have experienced elder abuse

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