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Claudia came to the US to start a new life. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t escape her abusive husband.

When Claudia called the police for help, they blamed her. She was arrested and spent a week in jail. When she was released, she had an order barring her from entering her home; her kids were left alone with her abuser. Claudia went to multiple organizations for help and they all turned away. She thought all hope was lost.

One week before her first hearing, Claudia found Open Door Legal. We took her case, and in the end got Claudia a divorce, a restraining order from her ex, and full custody of her children, along with child support. 

The problem

Low-income people in abusive relationships or who fear for their children’s safety are being excluded from our legal system.


Our solution

Provide universal access to legal help for all family law issues, so that all parents and families have safe paths to resolution.

Legal aid is the only intervention found to actually reduce rates of domestic violence

According to a 2003 study by Economics Professor Amy Farmer, women living in counties with shelters, hotlines, safe homes, emergency transportation, programs for batterers, children’s programs, and counseling are not significantly less likely to be victims of intimate partner abuse than women who live in counties without these services.

However, women who live in counties with legal assistance programs to help battered women are significantly less likely to report abuse.¹ 

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