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We believe that when everyone has access to the law, poverty will be dramatically reduced. That’s why we’re pioneering the country’s first system of universal access to legal services.

We believe that with enough passion, anything is possible.

Our culture

The key to our team’s effectiveness is a positive atmosphere. That’s why values are such a tremendous part of our work. Our passion, grit, dynamism, teamwork, and care for our clients help us achieve the impossible. We care about accountability.

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Our impact

Thanks to our driven team, we have such successful case outcomes. In fact, for every dollar we spend on our services, we generate $21 in benefit for our clients and their community. That makes us one of the most cost-effective social services out there.

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What it’s like to work here

Laura Turner, Director of Development and Communications

“One of my favorite things about working at Open Door Legal is that we are truly encouraged to bring our whole selves to work–funny, passionate, tired, honest. This makes space for meaningful relationships among the staff, and a deep sense of joy as we work together in the pursuit of justice.”

Fabiano Valerio, Senior Immigration Attorney

My experience working at ODL has been positive from the start. I am privileged to be part of a team of incredible individuals working diligently to provide access to justice to vulnerable populations in San Francisco.”

Whitney Tu, Director of Talent and Culture

“I’ve always wanted to work in an office where people not only whole-heartedly believed in the mission, but in one another. That is true at ODL. There is a very clear-eyed, shared view of the future: universal access to legal services. Each of us is a better person because of our work together.”

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