Keyholders are a community of monthly givers who believe we can reduce poverty in San Francisco.

We believe poverty will be dramatically reduced when everyone has access to the law. We’ve served over 3,000 clients and pioneered the first system of universal access to legal help. Over 73% of our clients say we make a large or extreme difference in their lives.

We have found consistent donations are the most reliable way to maintain ongoing legal services to address poverty. Monthly Keyholders are the community members dedicated to long-term sustainable and innovative change.



  • Exclusive access to Townhalls, to engage with ODL staff and community members on special topics
  • Quarterly Financial Impact Reports
  • Twice monthly emails, featuring updates and stories from our clients
  • Invitations to our Annual Meeting and Annual Gala

Prefer a one-time gift? Make one here.

$25 Monthly: Guest Intake

Each case begins with an intake. $25 a month or $300 over a year would cover three intakes. This includes an hour of a lawyer’s time, preparation, speaking with the guest to understand their potential case, and often a translator.

$50 Monthly: Immigration Papers

$50 monthly/ $600 a year allows our Immigration Team to help two immigration law clients and file the correct paperwork to stay in the United States legally. We also access translators as needed to make our clients feel safe and understood.

$100 Monthly: Protection of Victims

This amount at $100 a month for a total of $1200 a year can complete two filings for separation or Domestic Violence Restraining Orders to protect abused women and children and help them start a new life.

$200 Monthly: An Entire Case

Start to finish, you could fund 2 cases a year! Each case costs $2,400, and with each one, we strive to get safe and fair treatment for our clients, be it in Employment, Housing, Elder, Immigration, or Family law.

Your monthly commitment makes our neighborhoods stronger, encourages innovative thinking, and shows that with enough drive, anything is possible. Here’s what some current Keyholders have to say:

“I focus my giving locally. Local nonprofits are close and need support. The fact that Open Door Legal can so directly demonstrate that its work contributes to real, concrete change to individuals and people structurally is really cool.”

Current Monthly Donor

“I like monthly giving. If I give $100 a month, that’s 1200 a year! You end up giving significantly without it being half of a paycheck.” 

Current Monthly Donor

“It’s important for nonprofits in particular to have steady streams of revenue that they can rely on. I want to contribute in a sustained way to Open Door Legal’s mission.”

Current Monthly Donor

Keyholders will open doors with us as we grow, until everyone in San Francisco has access to the law.