We’re expanding the country’s first system of universal access to legal help

Imagine a general hospital for legal help

Like a general hospital, we are a single point of entry where everyone who needs can get help. We have a wide network of community and pro bono partners who help us ensure that nobody is turned away. 

Every dollar spent on our services generates $21 in benefit for the community

Direct Benefit

Deterrence Value

  • Legal Services 85.6% 85.6%
  • Food Kitchen and Services 24% 24%
  • Early Childhood Education 20% 20%
  • Micro-Finance 16.8% 16.8%
  • Elementary School 16.4% 16.4%
  • Women’s Shelter 12% 12%
  • Public Health Clinic 12% 12%
  • Housing and Services 12% 12%
  • Financial Education 7.6% 7.6%

Using metrics from the Robin Hood foundation, we’ve found that every dollar spent on universal legal services generates $6.6 in direct benefit to our clients and $14.7 in benefit to the larger community. This totals to $21 in total Social Return on Interest (SROI) for every dollar spent, making our services one of the most cost-effective anti-poverty solutions. We’ve done further extensive research on the case for Universal Access to Legal Help.

This work is only possible because of our generous supporters. Join us, and help make a difference in your community.

Deterrence is what makes our work so cost-effective. Here’s how:

Let’s say there was a landlord who was neglecting his entire apartment complex, because his tenants were low-income and he knew he could get away with it. 

Just having one tenant with legal help will improve the conditions of all of the units the landlord manages. This is because legal action leads to long term behavior change that improves outcomes for the entire community. 


Our Case Outcomes

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Clients Helped

Evictions Prevented

Families Kept Safe

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