When Randolph met his wife-to-be Lisa, it was to be that enduring, simple kind of love. But when Lisa passed away last year, not only did Randolph lose the love of his life, Randolph also learned he would be losing the home he made with Lisa for 38 years.

Lisa gave Randolph the right to reside in the home for as long as he wished, but Lisa’s children started trying to evict him soon after her death. Fearing homelessness and on a fixed income, Randolph came to our office for help.

When Randolph started asking more questions, Lisa’s son hired an attorney. Randolph was asked to leave with a month’s notice and was not offered any reimbursement for his contributions to the house.

That is when he came to Open Door Legal. Our staff attorney, David Smith and a legal intern named Marlyn, initiated negotiations that resulted in an award of $25,000 and more time for Randolph to move out.

Randolph was elated with the result and has just started looking for a new home in the community. As Randolph begins a new chapter, he reflected on his experience with Open Door Legal, “I’d recommend anyone who can’t afford an attorney to come here and get some guidance. That made me feel good right there [as he said this, he touched both hands to his heart].”

Client’s name and/or photo was changed at his request to protect his identity.


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May 5, 2015