Ruth and Wilber

Ruth and Wilber own a beautiful house in Bayview, where they have lived for decades after their marriage. The couple, however, had much to worry about in the past year. Wilber’s deteriorating health peaked since his first stroke and the day he was diagnosed with cancer. Concerned about her husband and her estate, Ruth foresaw the pain and the costs her grandchildren would endure on the day they inherit her property. Probate court would be expensive, time-consuming, and an unpleasant way to honor hers and Wilber’s life.

To avoid such pain, Ruth came by Open Door Legal and asked for an attorney. Together with Wilber, she wanted to make a will and a living trust to leave their estate to each other and then to their three grandchildren. Fortunately, Open Door Legal is one of the very few organizations that do estate planning for low-income families. Gibson, one of our staff attorneys, took on Ruth’s case and started gathering all the necessary documents to make her wish come true. Gibson drafted a Grant Deed and a Revocable Trust, which distributed Ruth and Wilber’s assets equally amongst her grandchildren.

A couple of months after Ruth first entered our office, the court successfully accepted and validated her will and her living trust. Probate court and unforeseeable legal disputes do not cross Ruth’s mind anymore. She is grateful for Open Door Legal and glad she can spend time with her loving husband without having to worry about their estate.


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July 16, 2015