Universal Access

Universal Access

Everyone with a real need gets help

Why Universal?

So no one falls through the cracks.

We’ve taken cases in over 35 areas of law. We’ve only lost 2% of our cases.

Creating universal access has been hard. A lot of people said it wasn’t possible.

What does universal access mean?

No Arbitrary Exclusions

Everyone who lives in our service area can get legal representation through us. Any area of law, when they need it, even if they have no money. We don’t turn away people with good cases based on arbitrary distinctions.

Meeting people where they are

Clients come to us at different stages of crisis and levels of functioning. We don’t turn away difficult clients. Instead, we try to offer trauma-informed representation and do joint case management with mental health professionals.

Pro bono integration

Our capacity is dramatically expanded by the work of hundreds of volunteers. Automatic case roll-ups are distributed to our pro bono partners and in-house volunteers work on dozens of cases.

New knowledge infrastructure

To ensure quality control across 35+ case types, we custom-built our own case management system and knowledge architecture. We can track the status and potential issues of all active cases and ensure we have the right knowledge assets in place to win our cases.