The Law Belongs to All of Us

We’re an award-winning nonprofit working to show that poverty will be dramatically reduced when everyone has access to the law.

We’re pioneering the country’s first system of universal access to legal help.

Universal Access

Everyone with a real need gets effective help. We’ve represented clients in more than 35 areas of law and won over 70% of our cases.

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Amy’s Story

Amy was convinced she was going to die. After receiving death threats and having her family shot at, she didn’t believe there was a way out. The cops were unable to protect her family.

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Social Return on Investment

We track outcome data for every person we help, and our research shows that for every dollar we spent, we generated about $6.63 in financial benefits for our clients and deterred up to $14.75 in illegal activity.

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“When I moved my family across the globe, I thought that was the end of my problems. Then came the mold.


“That’s when a debt collector showed up at my work saying I owed over $23,000– I had no idea what he was talking about. Still, my wages were being garnished; I wasn’t sure if I could make rent.”


“After we won, the client pulled us aside. ‘Never forget,’ she told us, ‘that you saved a little girl’s life.'”


“Suddenly, my rent increased by $2,000. That was more than my income. I felt filled to the brim with stress. This is where my family celebrated Christmas – getting evicted meant losing my family’s home base.”


“Because of the accident, I was taking 7 meds a day and needed to use a cane to walk. I had to leave my job. The other driver admitted to causing the accident – yet I never got compensated. I tried to reach out to my employer about this but he wouldn’t answer my calls.”


“Fighting for people matters. We have to claw, sweat, and bleed for the people around us. We need to put ourselves out there and protect each other, because if not, who else will?”


One time, he said he was going to pick her up from school but he never came. I had to stop what I doing and rush to get her. It was terrifying, learning that my young daughter had been left all alone. I worried for her safety.


“We went outside our roles as attorneys and just interacted with our clients as human beings.”


“That’s when it hit me: if something were to happen to my health, I would be completely unprepared.”


“One day my landlord told me that she was selling the building. When the new owners came, they said my kids and I had to leave. They wanted to kick me out of my own home. I was lost on what to do: I didn’t want to move, but I didn’t want an eviction on my record, especially when I had done nothing wrong.”

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