Who We Are

We believe that it’s possible to ensure that everyone can obtain legal representation, even if they have no money.

We don’t give up.

We’re a group of lawyers, paralegals, communication professionals, counselors, social workers, administrators, recruiters, and more passionate about justice. We are fortunate to benefit from the help of hundreds of volunteers.

I learned more in three months working with them than in three years of law school.

-Kimberly, volunteer

Our staff is at the core of our work to pioneer universal access to civil justice in the most marginalized parts of San Francisco.

We believe that

We're generating a 21x return on investment

Our data shows that for every one dollar we spent on services and overhead, we generated about $6.63 in direct financial benefits for our clients and deterred up to $14.75 in illegal activity.

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I didn’t understand that I was being abused. I thought domestic violence required a closed fist, not an open palm. They saved my life – twice they saved my life!

-Monica*, client

Our board makes sure we keep moving in the right direction

We believe in the power of

Stories about open cases and what losing will mean.

Stories that show the resiliency of our clients against incredible odds.

Stories about the people, volunteers, and clients involved in legal aid.

Before I met Open Door Legal, I had no idea people couldn’t get legal help. They have really opened my eyes to the importance of legal aid.

-Erika, supporter

We started with nothing but a dream. No money, no experience, and no connections. We’ve been able to triple our operating budget every year thanks to the power of one very simple idea: that everyone should have access to the law.

More About Us

We’re proud to be supported by hundreds of individuals, companies, law firms, and foundations who believe in our dream of universal access to civil representation.

We’re Innovative

We were named by Google as one of the 10 most innovative nonprofits in the Bay Area, in 2015.

We Believe in Partnership

We think the only way to truly transform individual lives is through a constellation of professional high-touch services.

We Love Data

We test our work through systematic data collection and analysis.

We’re Growing

We’ve been able to triple our operational budget every year, year after year, since 2013.