Who We Are

We are extremely passionate, quixotic, energetic, love tackling tough problems, and believe in continuous personal growth.

A world where everyone who needs legal help gets it

Open Door Legal is pioneering the country’s first system of universal access to civil legal representation. Our goal is to show that when everyone has access to the law, poverty will be dramatically reduced.

Our model of universal access is scalable, sustainable, and the most cost-effective way to address poverty. 

Over the next few years we plan to expand citywide, making San Francisco the first city in the country with universal access.  We also hope to become a model for national replication, and want to have a systemic impact on how we, as a society, ensure justice for the poor.

Our Board of Directors

Kathy Chao, Board President

Partner, Olivier Schreiber & Chao

Amy Chiu, Development

Product Lead, Clarify Health Solutions

Michelle Carrington

Construction Foreman, Former ODL Client

Bart Volkmer

General Counsel, Dropbox

Mira Park Kim

Senior Portfolio Manager, Wells Fargo

David Lisson

Partner, Davis Polk & Wardwell

Amanda Hundt

Vice President, Health Catalyst

Gary Whitehouse

Freelance Management Consultant

Menaka Fernando

Partner, Outten & Golden

Ieeshea Romero

Community Leader

Meet Our Staff


Executive Team

Adrian Tirtanadi

Executive Director/Founder


(415) 854-6392

Rachel Mellby

Director of Finance


(415) 851-0314

Virginia Taylor

Director of Legal Services/Founder


(415) 854-6462

Whitney Tu

Director of Talent and Culture


(415) 745-9694

Frontline Team

Camille Frausto

Frontline Attorney


(415) 301-5968

Gio Garcia

Frontline Partner – Spanish Specialist & Outreach


(415) 757-5021

Hakika Drisker

Frontline Partner – Western Addition


(415) 484-0275

Leslie Pang

Frontline Partner – Excelsior


(415) 231-7612

Legal Team

Alex Lemberg

Senior Housing Law Attorney


(415) 604-3687

Belinda Liu

Lead Immigration Attorney


(415) 692-4988

Brenda Falcon

Employment & Civil Litigation Paralegal


(415) 610-7410

Cynthia Hernandez

Immigration Specialist


(415) 329-1288

Devin Fathi

Housing Law Attorney


(415) 854-7038

Dyne Biancardi

Housing Law Attorney


(415) 952-9758

Gwen Wu

Lead Elder Law Attorney


(415) 429-2523

Jenny Bueno Salas

Immigration and Elder Law Paralegal


(415) 549-1974

Kelsey Merrick

Housing Law Attorney


(415) 938-9203

Kevin Buggy

Elder Law Attorney


(415) 318-7343

Lindsey Pace

Lead Employment Attorney


(415) 610-7849

Marianne Armenta

Employment Litigation Attorney


(415) 289-5069

Mesha Phillips

Family Law Attorney


(415) 723-5902

Nikki Love

Managing Housing Attorney


(415) 610-7875

Patricia Moon

Senior Family Law Attorney


(415) 429-8273

Philip Green

Civil Litigation Attorney


(628) 203-8494

Tara Macomber

Senior Civil Litigation Attorney


(415) 323-0946

Development & Information Technology

Jessica Arita

Engagement Coordinator


(415) 612-3306

Kelsey Renz

Volunteer Coordinator


(415) 429-8865

Lai Ho

Staff Accountant


(415) 723-5919

Laura Turner

Manager of Strategic Growth


(415) 480-1289

Molly Woodbury

Community Affairs Associate


(415) 891-0194

Wendy Liu

Senior Software Developer


(415) 697-4952

Want to get involved? Join our team as a volunteer!


1. American University, Key Studies and Data About How Legal Aid Improves Housing Outcomes https://www.american.edu/spa/jpo/toolkit/upload/housing-7-30-19.pdf

2. George Washington Law School, In Pursuit of Justice? Case Outcomes and the Delivery of Unbundled Legal Services https://scholarship.law.gwu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi

Vision Zero Displacement Call-Back

Ever since childhood, our co-founder Adrian has been dedicated to reducing poverty.

He studied systemic poverty in college and went to work in the field for a few years. Eventually, he had a thesis that legal aid was the most cost-effective way to address poverty in America. He wrote up a business plan and used it to apply to law school. 

The idea was to create the country’s first system of universal access to civil legal representation that ensures everyone can obtain timely, competent legal help for any legal issue, regardless of ability to pay. That had never been done before in the history of the United States.

In law school, he met Virginia, our Programs Director. Together, they co-founded the organization, two weeks after Adrian passed the bar.

When we opened we put a sign in the window, and with just that marketing and almost no other outreach we were overwhelmed with requests for help from people with good cases who had been turned away everywhere else.

Our first year we had revenue of $35,000. We would hand shred documents because a shredder was too expensive. Despite the financial challenges, we were able to work on over 280 cases in everything from housing law to family law to consumer law in the first year alone.

The hours were extreme, the pay was low, and the learning curve was steep. Still, we persisted. We knew that almost everyone we helped was not able to receive services anywhere else. Eventually, we attracted the interest of funders. We tripled our revenue for several years in a row. In 2015, we won the Bay Area Google Impact Challenge, which enabled us to expand even more. In 2019, we secured additional funding from the city that allowed us to open two new centers in the Excelsior and Western Addition.

As of 2020, our staff has grown to 27 full-time employees. We’ve shown that universal access is possible. Now, we plan to scale city-wide, make San Francisco the first city in the country’s history to have universal access to legal help, and become a model for national replication.

Please make checks payable to Open Door Legal and mail them to:

Open Door Legal
60 Ocean Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

We also accept donations via:


Donor-Advised Fund


You can view all of the ways to give at https://opendoorlegal.org/donation-information

Please contact laurat@opendoorlegal.org if you have any questions or need any additional information.  Thank you so much for the support!