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One unlawful eviction

That’s what drove Keyona and her kids into a homeless shelter. They spent months surrounded by violence, mice, and bugs. She had the money for an apartment, but no landlord would take her because of her record. When she tried to explain, she was shut out.

Thankfully, Keyona’s social worker connected her with Open Door Legal. In 40 hours of work, we removed the eviction from her record, and the very next day, she found safe and affordable housing, where she and her children still reside today.

The problem

Low-income people in San Francisco face serious housing instability and can’t afford legal help to remedy the situation.

Our solution

By providing free legal services to those with habitability issues, evictions, and other housing needs, we can prevent homelessness and housing instability before it’s too late.

Legal help is proven to reduce housing issues before they escalate.

According to researchers at American University and the George Washington University Law School, tenants with full representation are four times as likely to stay in their homes¹ and four times less likely to use homeless shelters² than tenants without full representation.

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