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*Important Update Regarding Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)*

In light of public health concerns, we are taking the necessary precautions to protect the community. Our Excelsior office, located at 60 Ocean Avenue, will remain open, but our Bayview and Western Addition offices are closed.

If you need legal assistance, we strongly encourage you to complete the online screening form below instead of walking in to complete the form.  If you are an existing client, please note that all scheduled meetings will be conducted from our Excelsior office, where staff will meet with you via videoconference.

We are monitoring the situation and will continually update our social media and website with any changes.

If you have any questions regarding employment, view our FAQ here.

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Please enter the 5-digit zip code you reside in, so we can determine your eligibility for services
We want to know the zip code of the place that you live at more often than not. If you are homeless, this means where you shelter. 

Ingrese el código postal de 5 dígitos donde Usted reside, para que podamos determinar su elegibilidad para nuestros servicios
Queremos saber el código postal del lugar donde vive más a menudo que no. Si no tiene hogar, esto significa dónde se refugia.

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