Comprehensive Services

Comprehensive Services

We offer comprehensive services for our clients’ thanks to integrated partnerships with financial counselors, social workers, therapists, and a sophisticated intake process

Why Comprehensive?

To make sure we’re having a big impact in the lives of our clients

We’ve witnessed dozens of our clients transition from homelessness into stable housing and employment.

We’re pushing the boundaries on social service collaboration

What does comprehensive services mean?

Integrated Intake and Data Sharing

We built an online intake form that lets clients simultaneously get legal representation through us and access social services provided by the Salvation Army. Automatic data sharing enables both organizations to share contact records while sandboxing confidential information.

Joint Case Management

We do joint case management with our social service partners, who assist our clients with things like obtaining IDs, getting credit reports, enrolling in education, and finding employment. Due to the high need, we believe that legal services is an amazing gateway for clients to access other human services